We are the Islamic youth and we want to along with our community create a truer online image of Islam and Shariah law. Our Motive is to show real picture of Islam to world. What is Real fundamental concept, Muslim believe, sharia law, women rights and other technical issues face a man/women?

In this blog you can get actual information regarding What is right and wrong? Reality of one GOD, Spirituality & Philosophy, Belief & Creed under Qur’an & Hadith. Understanding about various communities in ISLAM and their believes.

We are here to promote the basic concept of ISLAMIC SHARIA, what is the benefits? Why this implement in Religion ISLAM.

Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth, already more thanĀ 1.6 billion people across the globe adopt that religion for peace. In this blog we will help you regarding understanding mis-conception about ISLAM.

Our mission

Rectify the online image of Islam and Shariah law.

Our vision

Show the true beauty of Islam when searched online, looking more specifically at changing the images and misconceptions of Shariah law.