For Understanding sharia law of islam, you must connect with some authority blogs like Islamic-Shaias, in this post I will gives you detail about how sharia court act in different cases and reason of this implementation,

Another aspect of Shariah Law is that judge will decide who needs to present proof or evidence. This means that a person held because of suspicion is not guilty till proven he is. It will require evidence from the accuser. However, in some cases, Judge may ask for the suspect to provide evidence of his innocence.

sharia law Court
sharia law Court

In Shariah Law, Oath plays a big role in determining a crime being committed or not. In cases where there isn’t enough evidence or judge feels that the evidence is not clear then he may ask the parties to swore an oath.

Islamic Sharia Law Punishments

Few of the basic fundamentals of Shariah Courts have been summarized above. This may help in understanding the operations of Shariah Law courts a bit.