Islamic Shariah Law is one of the world’s most authentic legal systems. The Basic of Sharia constitutes every major and minor detail regarding the public and private aspects everyday


Since the beginning of modern Era, many revolutionists, educationists, religious scholars, theologians, ideologists, jurists and politicians have prescribed theories for human beings to govern their issues.
In the 6th century one of these theories were provided by Allah himself through his last prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). This theory was named shariah and laws governed by it were called Islamic Shariah Law.

Fundamental Concept Islamic Sharia Law

The laws related to Shariah are mentioned in the Holy Quran, which is the most genuine source since it only contains the commandments of GOD which He protects himself. For further explanation and clarification the teachings of Muhammad (S.A.W) are considered as secondary source of law.

The questions which remain unanswered are left for the scholars to perceive which is called Qayaas. If the matter still remains unresolved there is process called Ijma, through which consensus is conducted upon the question of law by the scholarly.

Sharia in Islam

Authenticity in Sharia:

Contrary to the beliefs of the western mindset that the Basic of Sharia Law is rigid and centers around the religion only, it should be known that it’s tolerant, flexible and the deals with all the worldly .Where it severely punishes the felonious it rewards kindness and favors to the virtuous.

If it empowers the mighty, it also shelters the weak. Its monetary system is credible which not only allows the money and resources to course in few hands, but creates a balance between rich and the poor. Where it signifies the rights of the male it equally values the weaker gender.

It not only emphasizes on the authority and power of Allah but also demands affection, love and care for His creations. Hence the fact that it is revealed to serve as justice for the entire mankind from all over the world truly distinguishes it from any other law ever made.

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