We as Muslims strive to get all worldly education so that we can rise and shine. We put our children directly to modern schools so that they get the best education and compete with others. Seldom have we ever thought of making your children realize the importance of Islamic Sharia Education. In other words, Islamic Law education is equally important for all of us. We need to implement it in our lives so that we are able to earn rewards in both the worlds. Our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) urged all Muslims to acquire Islamic education for their betterment.

Islamic Sharia

Islamic Sharia Education focuses primarily on the basic principles and guidelines of Islamic rules established by Allah. These rules and laws are very essential in keeping Muslims attached to their religion. Islamic laws are to be observed by every one and their implementation should be ensured throughout our lives.

If we have to start from scratch then the basic education in Islamic law deals with the five pillars of Islam. These five pillars are the base on which the building of Islam rests. A Muslim can not be a true believer if he fails to understand the concept of these five pillars. The first Islamic pillar tells us about the Oneness of Allah. This is the first rule which actually distinguishes a Muslim from the rest. A Muslim should have firm belief in the Oneness of Allah and only then he is able to enter the circle of Islam.

Islamic Sharia Law

The second pillar of Islam tells us about how to prove our submission to one God. Muslims are asked to pray five times a day to Allah. Salah is the most important pillar of Islam. It demonstrates the submission of our will to Allah. Salah is the key to paradise and it should always be practiced.

After Salah, the most important pillar is Saum. Muslims fast on the month of Ramadan to purify their deeds. Fasting is observed from dawn to evening and also abstaining from all sins. The purpose of fasting is to show one’s submission to Allah.

Islamic Sharia Education

After Saum, Muslims give a portion of their wealth in charity known as Zakat. This is such an important law which gives wealth to the poor from the rich. The poor get their necessities and the rich get reward. In this way, the money is circulated well and there would not be any poor left if Zakat is distributed properly.

Islamic Law

The last pillar of Islam is Hajj or pilgrimage. This needs to be done once in a lifetime only when a person is financially and physically fit. This pilgrimage removes all the sins from a Muslim’s life and he becomes like a newborn baby who has no sins.

These are the basic Islamic laws which tell the Muslims to practice so that their lives become easier. High rewards are given to those who fulfill these laws. Every Muslim should be enlightened with the true spirit of Islam and should have a clear vision of his life. He should aim for Akhirah and consider this world as a temporary spot.