Categories of Law in Sharia

Sharia Law is commonly known as Islamic Law. It’s the law that regulates or governs the lives of Muslims and their roles in societies. Sharia Law categorizes the actions of believers or followers of Islam as; obligatory (actions that are to be performed by Muslims without any excuse), recommendation (these are the actions, if performed by anyone brings blessings upon that person), permission (actions that are permIslamic Shariaitted and are within the legal boundaries laid down by Sharia Law), not liked (acts that are not considered as appropriate for Muslims) and prohibited (these are the acts that are not allowed for Muslims to be indulged in).

Basis of Sharia Law

One of the most common questions that come in mind is that what are basis of these Sharia Law? The primary source of Sharia Law is word of Allah (Quran), traditions and actions of Holy Prophet (S.A.W), Qiyas (logical reasoning over a matter by an individual) and Ijma (consensus of learned Islamic scholars). Now whenever a person comes across a matter where he doesn’t know what Sharia says, he can look into Quran and Sunnah. If he still cannot find an answer or cannot fully interpret what’s mentioned in Quran and Sunnah then he can take guidance from learned scholars over the same issue.

The world is ever changing and its quite obvious that Muslims come across matters where they require expert opinion; Whether usage of internet is permitted or not? Wearing hats with various images imprinted on them are allowed or not? Eating a particular brand of burger is forbidden or not? Such everyday questions may seem quite harmless to a normal person but for a Muslim, these questions are quite serious. Sharia is not just a law book, it is basically the code that Muslims are expected to live by.  Islamic Sharia Law (1)

Muslims are encouraged to live their lives by performing obligatory and recommended actions. On the other hand, every Muslim is expected to avoid acts that are forbidden and also unlikable. Sharia Law expects Muslims to live up to a certain standard and be ideal citizens. Majority of the Muslims know the basic laws lay down by Sharia. The law, if followed in proper spirit, can not only create a sense of harmony in society but also eliminate any evil from bringing harm to society and people in general. The basic purpose of Sharia Law is to bring peace and develop a society that is safe and comfortable for everyone.