What is the mean of “Islam”? What is the Muslim believe? How Islam is different with other religion like Judaism and Christianity. Which person is the role model of entire Muslim community? in this blog (Islamic-sharias) i will┬ádiscuss some real facts and figure that every Muslim and other religion peoples believe.

You can also understanding about actual Islamic sharias, rules, and other issues. Mostly other religion peoples have negative point of views about Islamic traditions.

Islam Facts

Fundamental principle of Islam is based on five pillars

  1. Namaz (Five time a day)
  2. Pilgrimage to Mecca (One time in a year, if you are capable of doing that)
  3. Shahadat (GOD is one and Muhammad (Peace.Be.Upon.Him) is our last prophet)
  4. Fast (one month is a year (Ramadan) )
  5. Zakat (Some % of your money given to needy people)

So in this blog you will also found Rules and laws according to Islamic Sharia.What is the purpose of that and why to implement on all Muslim community?

Islam is the rapidly growth religion than any one, why? You got this question during continuous reading our blog.