Islamic Sharia Education focuses primarily on the Muslim himself and everything associated with him. This education is not only confined to himself but it spreads to the whole Muslim community. Every Muslim state should be able to implement Sharia laws so that there are peace and tranquility in the world. Islamic Sharia Education was given first to the people who newly entered into this faith. Our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) as a Messenger of Allah gave the fundamental principles of Islam. The word of Allah was put in the shape of a book known as the Holy Quran.

Islamic Sharia

The base of Islamic Sharia Education is to have a firm belief in the Oneness of Allah. Nobody is called a Muslim if he doesn’t believe in this particular law. This law provides the base for any other law to be imposed in the deen. If a Muslim believes in the Oneness of Allah then he is a believer and would practice more Islamic laws. Allah is the sole Creator of this universe and he created each and everything himself. He is aware of even a single leaf falling from a tree. He knows everything which is hidden in the universe and this makes him Unique.

Islamic Sharia

After having firm faith in the Oneness of Allah, He should also be worshipped. A Muslim has to show his submission to his Lord just to demonstrate the concept of him believing in one Allah. Islam has made five prayers obligatory on every Muslim and he has to fulfill this law. By praying five times a day, he is actually showing his obedience to Allah. The prayer is the key to Paradise and he who is able to fulfill this law would enter Jannah, the place of eternal peace and happiness.

Muslim Sharia

After praying five times, a Muslim should also keep fast for the whole month of Ramadan. A fast is observed from dawn to dusk which makes a Muslim realize the hunger and poverty of people. He would become more humble and righteous in his deeds. Fasting is a very important pillar of Islam and it gives more faith to the believer.

Islamic Sharia Law

After Fasting, a Muslim is also supposed to give some part of his income in charity to the poor Muslims. This charity would help the underprivileged Muslims to afford the basic necessities of life. In this way, there would not be a single hungry person on the street if this law is implemented properly. Zakat is the name given to this charity that helps Muslims to help their brothers in need.

Muslim Sharia Law

Hajj or Pilgrimage is performed by those Muslims who are able to afford it financially and physically. If a Muslim has enough wealth and he is in good health then he should be able to perform Hajj. This pillar of Islam is the last one and is very important. It removes all the sins of a Muslim and after this act, he becomes just like a newly born child. This is the fundamental Islamic Sharia Education which should be practiced by every Muslim in order to get beautiful rewards from his Master.