Islamic Sharia Law came into existence ever since Islam was brought in to this world through our Prophet Muhammed (SAW). When our beloved Prophet arrived, the whole of Arabia was indulged in the most heinous of crimes. The Arabs used to bury their daughters alive as they thought these girls brought disgrace to them. Women and slaves were treated very badly and didn’t have any rights. Mostly people consumed alcohol and committed adultery. The rich treated the poor very harshly without any boundaries. In short, there was no law and order system at that time. Arabia needed a strong law and order system to bring it back to a peaceful land.

Allah sent His Messenger into this world so that he would bring the message of Allah. The message of Allah clearly states that there is no God but Him. There is not even a single element which exists in this universe that deserves any equality with Him. He is the supreme power and has authority over each and every thing in this universe. This is the basic Islamic law which needs to be implemented and all other laws are based on this one. The non-believers used to negate the concept of Oneness of Allah. They were not willing to give up their traditions even though they got evidence of One Allah.

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) saw the stubbornness of the people but still he didn’t leave the right path. He dedicated his whole life in spreading the light of Islam which gives rights to every individual. From a child to a slave, the rights are stated by Allah in the Holy Quran. Muslims are supposed to follow the path of righteousness and abandon any laws going against Islam. Islamic laws are to be imposed in every Muslim state so that all Muslims are able to live accordingly.

The fundamental Islamic law after Oneness of Allah is the Salah or Prayer. Muslims are asked to pray five times a day to show their submission to Allah. A Muslim in any way has to show that he submits his will to his Lord. He is the only one to be worshipped because there isn’t a single element in this universe capable of competing with Allah. When a Muslim prays five times a day, he is actually making ground for himself to enter Paradise.

After prayer, fasting is obligatory on all Muslims in the month of Ramadan. The whole month is observed and Muslims keep fast from dawn to dusk. Fasting helps the Muslims to feel the pain of the hungry and the poor. It makes them more grounded and humble.

Muslims are supposed to give some part of their income to the poor. This is known as Zakat. This money is utilized by poor people who are unable to afford the basic living. Hajj or Pilgrimage is performed once a lifetime and it is obligatory for those who can afford it financially and physically.

Islamic Sharia Law is for everyone to follow and implement. It makes the lives of the Muslims very easy and makes them stay on the righteous path.