These pacts demonstrate the willingness of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to have peaceful relationships with non-believers. Even after Islamic kingdom expanded and many non Muslim territories came under the rule of Islam, Muslim rulers did not force people to change their religion.

In fact, religious freedom was granted and they were free to practice their own religion. Islam Gives equal right to any Non-Muslim regarding in every field equal to Muslim. That is all about Sharia Law of Islam act against NON-MUSLIM. Sharia Law in action is against any unbalanced life.

Islamic Sharia Law for non Muslims

NON-MUSLIM Rights and Sharia Law

If Islam teaches religious tolerance then why is there such common belief that Islam does not tolerate people of other faith? Throughout the history of mankind, men have fought and waged battles in name of religion. It has nothing to do with a religion teaching its follower to be aggressive. Every religion has extremist elements that try to use religion as a weapon to gain power.

Islamic sharia

Islam is no different. There are Muslims who want to portray Islam as a religion that promotes violence and is intolerant. However, one just needs to understand the teachings of Islam and study its history to know that this myth is just what it is a myth.

What is islamic sharia

Islam teaches tolerance and is a religion of peace. It promotes brotherhood and harmony amongst people. It gives complete an equal right to non Muslim men and women.