It is a common misconception that a religion restricts a person from living his/her life properly. It prohibits a person from believing in “freedom of expression”. Do not make judgments without doing a research. To understand Islam, we need to dig in deep in to understanding the basic principles from the authenticated sources.Islamic Sharia

Muslim Sharia describes how a Muslim should live his/her life. It is based on the knowledge extracted from the Holy Book Quran. Sunnah is the second source of sharia, which refers to the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. His significance can be found in the first kalima which is the foundation of the religion. It states that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

Muhammad is loved by Allah himself. Allah created the whole universe from the “Noor” or “light” of Muhammad. He is named as “Blessing for all the worlds”. His lifestyle was a true embodiment of Sharia as he implemented it in ideal form in Medinah about 1400 years ago. Ijma and Qiyaas refer to joint consensus and logical reasoning respectively. They are the other sources of sharia, and their basis is also the Quran and Sunnah. The five pillars of Islam are the foundations for Islamic faith. Prayers, giving alms to the poor, pilgrimage towards Mecca and fighting in the way of Allah are among them.

Islamic Sharia

The world we see nowadays is in a continuous state of confusion. The people are seeking true meaning of life and looking at the wrong places to find peace. Even the muslims are in utter discomfort because of staying away from the teachings of Islam. They have forgotten to look for the solutions in the life and sayings of the Muslim leaders. The Prophets before Muhammad had brought different Sharia which was in accordance with the prevailing times.

Islamic Sharia

Muhammad is the last prophet and it is a part of the faith in Islam. His principles are in complete accordance with Quran. The Muslim Sharia deals concisely with all the matters of our daily lives. The social, judicial, economical, financial, cleanliness, etiquettes, and educational practices are part of it. It encourages equality and no-discrimination in every aspect.

Races and ethnicity plays a pivotal role in creating a rich cultural environment. It can pave the way for a strong bonded society where everyone has a role to play. It is used mostly in negative ways. Islam deals with this issue beautifully, as it considers everyone equal but those are considered best who believe in “Taqwa”. It refers to believing in Allah and refraining from the wrong doings.

Islamic Sharia

Women are an integral part of any society. Napoleon gave a historical quote as “Give me an educated mother, and I shall give you a civilized nation”. The Muslim women can seek education and they are given consent to marry according to their own choice. They are given inheritance from their parent’s and husband’s property.

Muslim Sharia has a broad spectrum, and following it will create a harmonious ideal society where everyone can live peacefully.