Muslim Sharia Law is defined as the set of rules and regulations set by the Almighty Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for Muslims to lead a happy and uncomplicated life.


The law also explicitly mentions the punishments prescribed by Allah (SWT) for specific crimes like murder, adultery, stealing, drinking alcohol, etc. If these punishments are not implemented in a society, the crimes become widespread as people are not afraid of anyone catching them and putting them in jail.


A percentage of Muslim Sharia Law is implemented in every Muslim country around the world including some non-Muslim nations like USA.



The present status of Muslim Sharia Law in America has been mentioned as Phase 3 of Spread of Islam, which is also known as “Penetration”. This means that the law has become one of the predominant regularities in the nation owing to the growing number of Muslims in this area.


As the name suggests, Muslims have started to “penetrate” the entire nation especially dominating in states where they are in a majority.


Muslims have also started to actively support Muslim or pro-Muslim candidates in the political scenario so that their hold would reach the level of government.


There are a large number of Islamic communities, forums, and centers throughout America in its different states. Muslims in numbers of thousands are joining these centers and working actively to convert their fellow beings so that they would also be able to benefit from the teachings of Islam, live a fruitful life and be successful in the hereafter.


A good number of Islamic schools have also been established in the country allowing Muslim children to study in a complete Islamic environment where nobody forbids them from offering the obligatory prayer or asks them to do something that is haram or strictly forbidden in Islam.


After Phase 3, Phase 4 and Phase 5 of the Spread of Islam point towards Confrontation and Imposition. In the 4th phase, the Sharia Law becomes part of the legal system even if not of its practices are followed and in the 5th and final phase, Muslim Sharia Law is imposed on the country making it compulsory for everyone, whether they are Muslims or not.


If you want to learn more about Muslim Sharia Law in America, visit Islamic Sharia and gain more understanding of this concept and its current implementation status in the United States of America.


Many people are interested in knowing the present status of Sharia Law in the United States because they are either already living there, planning to move to one of the states, or have close relatives in America who have small kids and who want to raise them right according to the teachings of Islam.