Islam came into existence when there was no hope. The whole of Arabia was indulged in the most heinous of all crimes. Daughters were buried alive as they thought to bring disgrace to their fathers. Wives and slaves were treated very badly and they had no hope. The poor were considered inferior and mistreated by the rich and powerful. There was no law and order. The rich and powerful had all the authority to mistreat the weak. Alcohol, fornication and gambling were common practices. This Arabia had the darkest period in its history which had to change.Islamic Sharia

Muhammed (SAW) came at this time and brought the message of Allah in the form of Islam. It is a beautiful gift of Allah which changed the whole scenario in the world. Muhammed (SAW) is the last messenger who transformed Arabia into a prosperous and peaceful one. The illiterate people were given vision and enlightenment. The poor were given their rights and rich people were asked to help the poor. Wives and daughters were given their rights which made them stronger. Muhammed (SAW) as a leader made sure that no one suffered. He had such leadership qualities which made him stand out as one of the most influential personalities in today’s time.

Islamic Sharia Law

Muhammed (SAW) always led from the front just like a captain on a ship. He took charge of things and did them all successfully. At times, people used to be against his decisions but they were proved wrong with time. He always had good judgement about things which made him a very wise person. His leadership qualities made Muslims rise during his lifetime. They won many battles against the non-believers and some of the battles were fought with little arms. The battle of Badr is the perfect example. There were only 313 Muslims in comparison to 1000 non-believers and still won that battle. It was due to the skilful leadership of Muhammed (SAW) which benefited the Muslims. He was a true leader who never let his people down.

Islamic Sharia

During the migration to Medina, he made sure that his people were secure and reached the destination safely. He gave instructions to Ali( RA) to return the belongings which were given to him by people due to his trustworthiness. He never walked away from hardships. He was a man of discipline and honesty.

Muslim Sharia

People of Quraish asked him to leave his mission and they would give him gold and silver in return but he refused everything. He set an example for the world that a true leader can’t be greedy and materialistic. A leader should have a goal and vision so that he can achieve it. He should know how to convince people so that everyone helps in reaching that goal. He always stood by his people through thick and thin. He refused all the luxuries of the world and chose to stick on the path of Allah. He knew he was in the right path and he urged other people to follow him as this would lead to prosperity.

Muslim Sharia