When the whole world was in the darkness, there was a single man who pulled out people of dark times. With his honesty and truthfulness, he was able to win hearts. The people of Arabia were going through the darkest period in history. There was crime everywhere due to the lack of law and order. Injustice prevailed and there was no way of treating everyone on equal grounds. The man who brought justice and honesty to this world was none other than Prophet Muhammed (SAW). He was the epitome of justice, truth, and equality.Islamic Sharia

When he started preaching the concepts of Islam, the first reaction from the people of Arabia was very harsh. They didn’t accept his idea of one God as they all were deeply indulged in polytheism. Having to accept the fact that there is no God but Allah was entirely alien to them. Prophet Muhammed (SAW) powerfully believed in one God and was determined to change the mindset of the people. He was strong and firm about his belief which led him to many wars with the non-believers. He had no choice but to fight against them.

The Muslims were not in great numbers as the non-believers. During the battle of Badr, the total number of Muslims was only 313 with non-believers being 1000. It was their Iman or belief which made them win that battle. No one would believe this today but this was the height of passion about Islam which made them strong enough to fight such a huge number. Under the leadership skills of Prophet Muhammed (SAW), the Muslims went on to win more battles. He was not an ordinary man who led his team of soldiers in a war. He was the powerful man who knew how he had to deal with difficult situations. His wisdom made him stronger which made his people succeed in many battles.

Islamic Sharia Law

It was due to the strong leadership qualities that made him conquer Arabia. The people of Arabia who were in huge numbers were defeated at the hands of this powerful man. He didn’t give up on his mission which was to educate everyone about the divinity of Allah. During this whole process, he had to face resentment and cruelty of the people. It was due to his excellent leadership skills which made him successful. With having nothing in the beginning, he started off. He only had Allah with him but with the passage of time, he won people’s hearts and now he has more than 1 billion followers. No ordinary man can do this. It was Prophet Muhammed (SAW) who made this possible with the help of Allah.

If Muslims want to be successful in life, they need to closely study the leadership qualities of our beloved Prophet. He changed the whole perception of this world and gave a complete code of life. His teachings of Islam will remain the best asset a Muslim can ever possess. Muslims should completely follow the guidelines set by this man who is the most influential person in this world.