Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was the greatest reformer and leader of all time. His personality was a complete depiction of his honesty and integrity. He was a humble, down to earth person who devoted his life to the cause of Islam. He came at a time when the whole of Arabia was indulged in the most heinous crimes. There was no law and order which would give justice to people. The most oppressed people were women and slaves.

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People were not treated equally which divided people to a great extent. Our beloved Prophet had to deal with such huge issues when he started his mission. To overcome the power and strength of the non-believers was not an easy task. Excellent leadership qualities are required to make things work out.

Islamic Sharia

The best leadership quality of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was farsightedness. He used to foresee the outcome before it happened. The best example is the incident of Hudaybiyyah. He wanted to perform Umrah along with 1400 followers which the Quraish refused. They didn’t let the Muslims enter Makkah. At this point, both the parties got into a treaty that had very harsh terms and conditions for the Muslims.

“The Muslims shall not carry out their pilgrimage this year but shall wait till next year. And no man shall come from Quraish without the approval of his master seeking shelter with the Muslims but he shall be returned to Quraish. And that no man from the Muslims shall come to Quraish seeking protection but he shall be permitted to stay with Quraish. They also agreed to abstain from fighting for ten years and that whosoever wished to enter into Muhammad’s pact and treaty could do so, and whosoever wished to enter into Quraish’s pact and treaty could do so. Muhammad (PBUH) agreed to this truce which was named “The Truce of Al-Hudaibiyya”

Apparently, this turns out to be very unjust for the Muslims and initially they were not happy but in the long run, it proved beneficial for the Muslims. This treaty made more escapees who escaped the Quraish and lived as outlaws come into the Muslim zone. Secondly, it was not wise to fight the Quraish as they were in huge numbers at that time so the Muslims took time to build up themselves. Later, the treaty was broken by the Quraish and which led to the victory of Makkah for the Muslims. This foresightedness made the Muslims stronger which first didn’t look so favorable.

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was a true leader for Muslims who led them with courage and bravery. He didn’t fear anything except Allah. He believed if the Muslims have true faith in Allah, nothing can stop them from being victorious. He fought a number of battles with the non-believers and stood out victorious. He always made his followers strong and gave them confidence in their struggle for Islamic principles. He showed them the right path which a true leader does. This way, he set the perfect example of being the true leader of Muslims.

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