Islamic ShariaProphet Muhammed (SAW) was the greatest human being this world has seen. It was a time when the whole Arabia was indulged in the heinous practices of its time and there was no hope whatsoever. The Arabs used to bury their daughters alive as they believed it was a disgrace to have daughters. Women and slaves were beaten and treated harshly. Only the rich and powerful had the right to enjoy his life while the poor suffered. When Muhammed (SAW) arrived, he prohibited all these practices and gave rights to all human beings.

Islamic Sharia Law

Muhammed (SAW) followed the principles laid by Islam which clearly says that no one is superior or inferior to each other. The only way a person can become superior to another is through good deeds. These good deeds include respecting the elders, loving the younger, treating women nicely and helping each other out. The concept of superiority was finished and every human being is considered equal in Islam. Even the poor person is equal to a rich person. Muhammed (SAW) taught the concept of brotherhood to every Muslim. He declared that all Muslims are brothers and it is the duty of every Muslim to take care of his brother. If he likes something for himself he should like the same thing for his brother.

Islamic Sharia

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) urged Muslims to follow the path of faith, honor, dignity and righteousness. A person is not a good person if his faith in Allah is missing. Believing in one Allah and following His religion is the first thing a Muslim needs to do. He also emphasized the need to be honest and trustworthy. Muhammed (SAW) was known by the titles of Sadiq and Amin. He was known to be the most honest and trustworthy person in the whole world. He always kept his promise and never deceived anyone. He has asked all his followers not to deceive anyone as a Muslim cannot give deceit.

Muslim Sharia

He used to help the poor and needy and asked all the rich Muslims to help their poor brothers in need. The concept of Zakat arises and it is known as a charity given to poor by the rich. The economic system in Islam is so perfect that if it is implemented, there would not be a single poor person. Zakat regulates the wealth in a very systematic way and allows poor to afford the basic amenities of life.

Muslim Sharia Sharia Law

Muhammed (SAW) came as a blessing for the whole mankind. He followed the teachings of Islam and asked all his followers to obey Allah and His last Messenger. Muslims hold the last Messenger of Allah in high regard. Even the non Muslims today recognize Muhammed (SAW) as the greatest man who ever existed on earth. His influence on mankind is enormous which shows how great he was. He never asked anything for himself. He always gave things to people. He brought enlightenment and wisdom at a time when these were just a dream. A true believer and a brave leader, Muhammed (SAW) has set the best example for mankind to follow.