Islamic ShariaThe world was overshadowed by the darkness of illiteracy. The whole Arabia was indulged in the most heinous crimes and there was no accountability. People used to bury their daughters alive and beat their wives. There were no women rights and men were only dominant. There was no law and order to keep a check and balance on the situation. Every person lived by his own rules and the most powerful man was the one with the most money. The poor at that time were treated very harshly and they had no body to go to for help.

Islamic Sharia Law

When Prophet Muhammed (SAW) arrived, he never used to like such practices prevalent in Arabia. From childhood, he was always very truthful and trustworthy. He was renowned for being the most honest and truthful gentleman. He got the titles of Sadiq and Amin due to these outstanding virtues. When he became an adult, he used to trade. He used to work for Khadija, a business women at that time. She was so impressed by his honest conduct that she sent a proposal for marriage.

Muslim Sharia

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was the best husband any wife could ask for. He treated his wives well and took care of them. He did justice to everyone and never hurt anyone. His wives used to praise him a lot and appreciate his good conduct. If he didn’t like the food, he never criticized it. If he liked the food, he would eat it and if he didn’t, he would leave it.

Muslim Sharia Law

He was not only a good husband but a very good father too. He loved his children a lot and always took care of them. Whenever Fatimah (RA) used to visit him, he would stand and greet her. He gave such respect to everyone which made him such a loving person.

He was good to all his relatives and friends. He used to take care of everyone and never hurt anyone’s feelings. He treated everybody equal and never implied the concept of superiority or inferiority. He has taught everyone that the best among mankind would be the one who fears Allah and does good deeds. Other than this, nobody is superior to anyone due to caste, color or creed. He finished the concept of rich and poor. He told his followers that nobody is powerful or good due to the amount of money he had. He urged the people to indulge themselves in good deeds.

Islamic Sharia

He was a true leader who led his army of few people in the battle of Badr. He knew they were small in number as compared to the large army of enemies but all he had was faith in Allah. He led his small army with determination, skill and sheer excellence. They won that battle and set a new example for the world.

Islamic Sharia

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was a brilliant man who lived according to the principles of Islam. He obeyed his Lord and always asked from Him. He was a man of courage, love, forgiveness, care and honesty. No body can be better than him as he was the best example for mankind to follow.