This world saw the most powerful human being in the history of mankind. Some 1400 years ago, Muhammed (SAW) emerged as the most powerful leader for Muslims. His task and his mission was not easy at all. He had to face several hardships during his life but his perseverance led him to his destiny. His destiny was to enlighten people about One God and to give them the concept of Islam. People were not aware of the righteous path and were not very keen on following it. It was Muhammed (SAW) who changed their thoughts and today he has billions of followers.

Islamic Sharia

Muhammed (SAW)’s struggle was not so easy. He was not born on a bed of roses. He lost both his parents at an early age. He was the most honest and trustworthy human being. When he brought the message of Allah, very few people believed him but deep down they knew he wasn’t lying. These people didn’t want to accept the divinity of God and wanted to keep practicing their old religion. Prophet Muhammed (SAW) didn’t give up and kept moving forward.

Islamic Sharia Law

He had to migrate to Medina when the atrocities of the people living in Makkah increased. He led by example and migrated with his followers but never gave up on his mission. He had some belongings of people which he had to return before going and he appointed Ali (RA) to give those back. He was a true leader who knew his path well.

Muslim Sharia

He had to fight many battles to mark his victory over his enemies. In all the battles, he led from the front and showed exemplary skills as a leader and fighter. A leader needs to be brave and courageous and he showed his followers how brave he was. He only feared Allah and asked his followers to do the same. In the battle of Badr, there were only 313 Muslims and 1000 enemies. The way the Muslims fought, created history. They not only emerged as victorious but also made an impression on the rest of the world as true fighters. Their spirits were high due to faith in Muhammed (SAW)’s abilities as a leader.

Islamic Sharia

There were times when Prophet Muhammed (SAW) had to face immense pressure from the enemies. The enemies threatened him that they would kill him but he still didn’t back out. Non believers used to throw garbage on him and still he never complained. People threw stones at him and he never cursed them. He was courageous and brave to deal with his enemies. He was also bribed many times but he refused.

Sharia Law

He had a clear vision of his life and he knew that he was going on the right path. He tolerated so many hardships with an iron hand. Muslims consider him one of the most powerful leaders. He had an aim which was to spread Islam. For this, he took all measures to ensure that the message of Allah has reached everyone. A true leader is the one who doesn’t give up.