Islamic ShariaWhen we talk about a leader, we often think what a leader is. A leader is a person who is able to lead or show the right way. He is able to convince people and enlighten them about the goals to be achieved and tell them what their purpose is. A leader would show the way to the destiny and would guide how to go about it. People would have faith and trust in their leader and would follow him the way he wants them to. A true leader would not only achieve the purpose but would also make sure that the purpose is the right one and he selected the right way to go there.

Islamic Sharia

Muhammed (SAW) has been one of the greatest leaders this world has ever seen. He was the most honest, trustworthy and brave leaders. He arrived at a time when the whole Arabia was immersed in the most heinous crimes. The people of Arabia used to bury their daughters alive as they thought daughters would bring disgrace to them. They mistreated their wives and slaves as they considered them inferior. They were indulged in alcohol and gambling. This dark era of this land made a person like Muhammed (SAW) arrive and lead from the front. He altered the whole scene of this land and made the people civilized and educated.

Muslim Sharia

Muhammed (SAW) was the man who gave them the insight and vision of how to lead their lives and what purpose their life has. The most illiterate ones went on to become the most powerful administrators and managers who helped Islam to progress. It was only under the leadership of this man which changed Arabia into a prosperous land.

Muslim Sharia

When Muhammed (SAW) started teaching the message of Allah, he had to face a lot of hardships. The people of Quraish were not in this favor and didn’t want him to carry on with his mission. They offered him gold, silver and beautiful women so that he turns away from Islam but he said:

“If Moon is placed in my one hand and the Sun in the other, by God I will never go back from my mission.” 

This shows that a leader can never be greedy and would not indulge in material gains. He would show the right purpose to his people and would lead them by the front. He would not leave them until his goal is achieved.

Muslim Sharia

Muhammed (SAW) has emerged one of the most influential persons of all time. His strength of character made him achieve his mission as a leader. He didn’t believe in walking away from his goals and stood fast by what he had to get. His followers truly admire him as a brave and charismatic leader. He always believed in the message of Islam and didn’t compromise on anything which came in between. He spread Islam to all parts of the world and made his followers one of the most civilized people the world has ever seen. Today he has billions of followers who not only love him but also follow the path he taught 1400 years ago.