Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was the best example mankind can ever have. He enlightened this world with his truth, wisdom and strength of character. He turned this world into a peaceful place to live in. He taught the true teachings of Islam and asked everyone to obey one Allah and give up idol worship. He spread this message from one part of this world to the other. He invited many leaders to accept the teachings of Islam. In the beginning, he was alone but at the time of your death, he managed to influence thousands of people.

He became a role model when he demonstrated how Islam wanted. He was a compassionate husband, a loving father and a devoted friend. He was the gentlest husband who treated all his wives very well. If he didn’t like food, he would never criticize it. If he liked it, he would eat otherwise he would leave it. His wives always praised how a good husband he truly was. He gave rights to every one. He respected women to a large extent. He asked his followers to treat women well and show kindness towards them.

Muhammed (SAW) was very forgiving. This made him the most loved person ever. He used to forgive others and led a good example. He was thrown out of Makkah where he was born and raised. People of Makkah were against his Islamic principles. They made him migrate to Medina under very critical circumstances. He suffered a lot of hardships and still managed to pull through the hard time. When he returned to Makkah again as a ruler, he forgave all those people who inflicted pain upon him and his followers. Another incident reveals how a good human he was. A lady used to throw all her garbage on him as he used to pass by her house. One day, she didn’t throw any garbage as she wasn’t present. Muhammed (SAW) got worried about her and went inside to see her. She was very ill and he went to ask about how she was doing. This shows how kind and gentle he was which is a true lesson for every Muslim to learn.

Muhammed (SAW) was a great leader showing excellent leadership skills. He led many battles in his life and won. He used his wisdom and strength to over power the enemies. He outclassed his enemies in every way. They used to be in huge numbers while his followers were few but with the wisdom and strategy of Muhammed (SAW), he emerged as the most successful leader.

He was the most humble and grounded person ever. He used to keep his eyes to the ground and rejected any act of arrogance. He asked his followers to adopt gentle and kind ways to treat people. He discouraged arrogance as he said that Allah does not like arrogance. A person should always be humble and kind without any arrogance only then he would be successful in this life and the life hereafter. As mentioned in the Quran:

You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah an excellent example for him who hopes in Allah and the Last Day, and who remembers Allah much. (33:21)