In Saudi Arabia rulers set some rules, as you say punishment if you don’t obey shaira law. Islamic law of sharia define how to live life, rights of women and men as well as Non-Muslim, if any one even he is Muslim or Non-Muslim surrender yourself as defines some punishments for setting example to other. See How Islam is the peaceful religion?

Islamic Sharia Law Punishments

This is the Main reason, why Saudi Arabia is the peaceful country and get positive image to all over the world. Husbands and wife cooperate with each other as partners to make a home filled with love and happiness. These responsibilities are not just limited to blood relations or husband wife relationship. See some sharia law of Islam examples.

Islamic Shaira For Kids islamic sharia law quotes

Punishment of Islamic Sharia Law and Saudi Arabia Rules

Islam has laid proper rules for master to treat slaves or servants. Businessmen are expected to be honest and fair in their business dealings. Although these punishments set due to maintain societal peace and everyone knows about their limitation.

What is  Islamic sharia