Quran and Sunnah are considered as the primary sources of Sharia Law. Quran, being the unaltered word of Allah (SWT), and Sunnah, being the traditions and actions of Holy Prophet (SAW), are the basic source of guidance on which Muslims look to. It is important to understand them to have a basic insight into Sharia Law.

The Quran

The basic purpose of Quran is to deliver the message of Allah to its creation. It also acts as a guide to the onWomen right in islames who try to understand it. The Quran was sent to Prophet (SAW) over the span of over two decades, explaining various incidents and providing guidance on different issues. It is the word of Allah and it defines what is expected of a believer. Many of the rulings mentioned in Sharia Law have been derived directly from Quran. On many issues, there is direct mention of in the Quran; on other matters, it is left to interpretation. Even after centuries, the Quran is in its original form and has not been altered.

The Sunnah

Traditions and actions of Holy Prophet (SAW) are known as Sunnah. They are also considered as the primary source of Sharia Law. The actions and role of Prophet (SAW) became extremely important, especially, in context of Islam and the Quran. Prophet (SAW) brought the word of Allah to people and it was quite important at the time that people understood it and believed in it. He explained the Quran to people through his words and actions. Even in Quran, it has been mentioned quite a few times that Muslims are to follow God and His messenger.

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It should be quite obvious by now that whenever a person seek any advice or is at a crossroad while making a decision, he should look for the answer either in Quran or in Sunnah. Both of these sources complement each other. What was mentioned in the Quran was put into action by Prophet (SAW).

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He made it easier for Muslims and general population to understand the true meaning of the Quranic versus. Sharia Law and its rulings were defined in the Quran. Resolutions pertaining to different legal matters related to inheritance, marriage, divorce etc were also mentioned in the Quran. If a matter could not be resolved or understood by studying Quran, Prophet (SAW) was consulted and his advice was considered as final. Hence, the Quran and Sunnah still play the primary role according to Sharia.