Punishments and penalties sometime are good and in fever of human, so in Islam these punishments play an very important role. Sharia Law of Islam reacts in fever for mankind. Islam pays a lot of attention to the notion of humanity. Whether a person is a Muslim or non-Muslim, they are humans and deserve the respect that every human deserves.

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It is also forbidden in Islam to mock other religions and gods. The basic purpose is to create harmony and to avoid any conflicts. Such mocking may result in non Muslims responding in the same manner.

Sharia Law Punishments

Sharia Law Punishments

Even Islamic rulers did not show any biasness towards a Muslim when it came to legal matters and justice. There are several instances in Islamic history when an Islamic ruler or judge gave the judgment in favor of non Muslims and not in favor Muslim parties. These punishments are for both but the difference between genders, there is no fever in sharia law at any coast.

Islamic Sharia Law Punishments

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It can be seen that non Muslims not having rights in Islamic state is just a complete myth and detailed study of Islam can help in understanding such rights.

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