This is very case with the myths about Islam. Non Muslims around the globe mainly have the knowledge about Islam though the media, be it the news, newspapers or social media sites.

These sources most of the times misleads and fools them on the grounds of some events and are controlled by religious activists  and political dictators who hold animosity and enmity towards Islam.

The theories and information provided by them have engraved many disturbing myths regarding Islam.

No matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as the truth.”   John F. Kennedy

The Top Ten Myths of Islam (False Perception)

1. Islam is Violent:
2. All Muslims are Terrorists:
3. Jihad means Holy War:
4. Islam is spread by Sword:
5. Islam is Intolerant of other Religions:
6. Muslims resist Modernization
7.Islam oppresses Women
8. Muslim hates Jesus:
9. Muslims are Uncultured and Old fashioned
10. Islam advocates Conservatism

Women in Islam


Terrorists, barbaric, extremists are the first words that pop into the minds of people when they hear the word Islam or Muslims.

For a very long time people have been trying to take verses of Qur’an and twist them in order to gain their motives. These ignorant people disperse false interpretations of the teachings in Islam related to women, modernization and Jihad.

Hijab is portrayed as a symbol of oppression, suicide bombings is related to Jihad. Many laws are twisted and showed as rigid towards non Muslims. The wars that Muslims have won over centuries are represented as a symbol if Islam’s growth by swords.

Mis-Conception about Islam

Muslims have been permanently tagged by these kinds of words. The main reason of this is 9/11 propaganda, an unfortunate event that took many lives in the attack of twin towers in America. That attack is said to be a “Jihadi operation” linked to a group named AL-Qaida which is allegedly thought to be an Islamic terrorist group.

What is Islam

This event immediately led to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, where according to them the terrorists resided.  The price of this attack has been paid by lives of thousands of innocent Muslims living in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. People started digging in about the religions but most of them got hold of lies and half truths.

Conveniently leaving out the other sides of the stories and true side of the theories, Islam and Muslims remain highlighted in all the wrong places.