Etymologically, Islam is Arabic word which means peace and submission. It is based on two words: salam means peace and silm means submission. Khurshid Ahmed is of the view in his book entitled Towards Understanding Islam that: Based of sharia sharia law is for maintain stability in society and removed errors.

“Islam stands for a commitment to surrender one’s will to the will of God and thus to be at peace created by Him.”

islamic sharia law

What is Islamic Sharia Law?

Islam gives us a complete code of life. The conduct of the whole of human life is embodied in Islam. According to Dr. Khalifa Abdul Malik:

Islamic sharia

Islamic Sharia

Islam means peace as well as submission… the purpose of life is to live it well, in other words; well-being. The purpose of life is life edified, harmonized, enriched, strengthened and elevated.”

what is islamic sharia law

Sharia law of Islam, Fundamental Concept?

Islam sharia has great importance in our lives. It has also a great impact on the life of mankind. Religion of Islam inculcates manifold virtues and has great influence on every aspect of human life. It leads to Tauhid, or unity of God. It demonstrates the concept of dignity of mankind. Islam gives the concept of brotherhood of mankind.