Islam is the peaceful religion; implement some rules for peace and mankind. The personalities of the four caliphs offer great examples as how to take measures for the welfare of the society. Their system of running government is one of the unique role models for the following generations.

Islamic sharia law

Fundamental Concept of Law islamic sharia

There are brief facts regarding economics; Zakat, it imposed on the rich ones and dispersed to the needy and poor people of the state. Under this umbrella, number of problems and conflicts get resolved at the grass-root level and standard of the needy and poor people is being raised and improved considerably.

Islamic sharia

Sharia Law in Islam

During the period of Hazrat Umar Farooq, there was no person to obtain zakat from the rich ones because second Caliph brought comprehensive reforms in the economic system of the state. Everyone stood equal on economic footing. Considering such example, it can be safely concluded that this kind of Islamic law will bore its fruits even if implemented today.