“Islam is essentially a religion of peace’’ -Alama Muhammad Iqbal
Islam is derived from an Arabic worm Salaama meaning peace, purity and obedience. In the terms of religion it means obedience to God and His Law. His Laws known as Shariah Law, has a dominant idea of “making of peace”.
It is religion that is chosen by Allah himself for His creations. He himself states in Quran:“I (God) have chosen for you Islam as a religion” (5:3)

What is islamic sharia
Leaving all the arguments behind let’s focus on one fact; the chosen religion. Allah loves His creations loves 70 times more than a mother loves her child. Can a mother tolerate to see her child suffer in distress?

Would a mother want her beloved child to be massacred and killed? Can a mother allow her child to endure pain? Can a mother preach her children cruelty and brutality against her own kids?

Sharia Law in Islam for Women

Islam is the religion of peace and love gives complete right to women.No. a person can interpret that the religion of the most beneficent and the most merciful Creator of all the worlds is a religion of peace and love.

Sharia Law for Women

He has emphasized on equality for human beings belonging to each class and status, this is clearly shown by the fact that all the Muslims offer their prayers standing shoulder to shoulder in a Masjib before one Allah five times a day.Sharia law is for all, no one underestimate women in this matter.

He designed this religion a way that the needy and orphans get special help, comfort, and support.