Why sharia law has to be implemented in Islam “the religion of peace and mankind”? Here are some real example that define Islamic sharia in a real scenario. On the contrary, the religion Hinduism favors the concept of inequality and discrimination among the masses.

Class system is prevalent in Hindu society. There is social stratification and water-tight compartmentalization in this society. Hinduism is a religion based on caste system.Here are different sharia law in action examples as you seen in this post.

sharia law in example

The religion Islam gives special attention to the fundamental human rights. Social system of Islam protects the rights of women, of minorities, and of many others which are to be observed and respected in all circumstances irrespective of whether a person lives in or outside the territory of Islamic state. In Islam,

Sharia law Examples

it is not permissible to oppress women, children, old people, the sick or the wounded. Islamic system stresses that a woman’s honor and chastity must be respected in all circumstances.

On the contrary, the concept of Satti always proves detrimental for the chastity of women in Hinduism. The institutions of family, marriage, relatives, and neighborhood are protected in Islam.