There are many necessities in life and a person’s survival, both in physical and spiritual way, depends on these necessities. If a person is deprived of these necessities, whether intentionally or not intentionally, then it leads to serious problems. Sharia law, like any other modern judicial system, not only protects these necessities of life but also ensure that these are properly laid down. There are repercussions in laws for certain acts e.g. theft, robbery, murder, rape etc in every system, independent of whether its Sharia Law or modern western judicial systems. Sharia Law, however, defines and covers the basic needs of humans in a broader way. It also covers the spiritual and religious aspect of daily life.Islam Sharia Law


Essentials of Human Life

Firstly, it is quite important that Muslims do not forget their obligations towards God. Muslims are encouraged to offer prayers and also perform other obligatory religious acts towards God. In this way, a person will not forget his role in this world and will also remember that for every action, there is a higher power looking over him. This reminder, sometimes, acts as a motivation to help others; at times, it acts as a barrier from performing an indecent or harmful deed.

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Secondly, the importance of human life is undeniable. There are strict punishments for hurting someone intentionally and bringing harm to another human life. On the other hand, different rules and laws governing marriage, eating habits, hygiene etc performs its role as a guide to everyone on living a healthy and safe life.

Furthermore, any action that results in a person acting irrationally or losing his sense of thinking is also forbidden in Islam. Drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or gambling are such actions that takes away logical reasoning from a person and are also menaces to the society as a whole. There are countless dangerous incidents that have occurred due to someone driving under the influence of alcoholic drink or acting in a violent manner.

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Lastly, Sharia Law supports everyone who wants to make a living for them in a legal manner. It takes quite some hard work and commitment to earn a decent living on one own self. And it can be incredibly painful if a person’s hard earned money or asset is taken away from him by means of force, stealing, or robbery. Hence, Sharia Law provides complete protection against such acts and advices strict punishment against the saIslam Shariah (1)me.

As it can be noticed from above mentioned points, Sharia Law is not much different from modern judicial system as in it acts for the protection and safeguard of the necessities of people.